Coping With Back Pain After A Car Accident

8 September 2015
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After a car accident, you might find that you are suddenly suffering from back pain. Back pain from a car accident can be caused by a number of different reasons, and there are various treatment options available for the back pain caused by your car accident.

What Could Have Caused My Back Pain?

There are numerous things that could have caused your back pain after a car accident, whether this be something that you feel up and down your spin or a consistent pain your lower back.

Perhaps the most common cause of back pain, no matter where you are experiencing these tinges, is the phenomenon of whiplash. Most people associate whiplash with neck pain, and they are quite correct in doing so, but whiplash can also be the cause of back pain all throughout the back.

Whiplash essentially occurs when the head "snaps" forward and then backward without actually receiving any blunt trauma against an object. In other words, you can think of it looking a bit like the motion that metal heads make when they "head bang" (in fact, a number of fans of "heavy" music suffer from whiplash due to this very reason).

Whiplash can also affect the back in a noticeable manner simply because the head is directly connected to the spine, and the spine is the primary skeletal structure present in the back. As such, the affects of whiplash can carry throughout the spine, which can cause any number of problems in the back, from sharp pains in the lower back to dull pains that one experiences up and down throughout the entirety of the spine.

In addition to whiplash, there are a number of other phenomena that could have caused your back injury. Blunt trauma is one option, but these cases are rare – so long as the person in question was wearing their seat belt. Without a seat belt, blunt trauma can become quite common, as the individual in question can be thrown from their seat and experience being "thrust upon" by any number of objects in the car – most likely the frame of the car itself. This is highly dangerous and can cause extreme back pain; in some cases, the spine can be broken or severed. As such, it is highly recommended that you wear your seat belt.


Since the back, neck and head are all connected by way of the spine, if there is any spinal trauma, chances are you will be wearing a neck brace. A neck brace will limit movement and ensure that you will not make any sudden "jerky" movements that can exacerbate your pain and injury.

There are also a number of things that both your physical therapist and friends and family can help you with. Hot / cold treatments are recommended for those suffering from any form of back pain, but particularly the lower back. Pressing a cold ice pack against the offending area can serve to anesthetize the pain that you are experiencing, as well as constrict the muscles.

A hot pack, by contrast, will serve to expand the muscles. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you use an ice pack during the beginning phases of your injury and then settle into use of the hot pack as time goes on.

If you have injuries that are less severe, you might want to consult with a chiropractor. You should visit a chiropractor immediately due to the fact that not addressing issues causing you back pain right away could eventually lead to long-term trauma. Even if you have only mild pain, you should still consult with a chiropractor, as it can take time for more major symptoms to show up.

Your chiropractor will treat your whiplash by using a type of spinal manipulation that gently moves the injured joint in the direction of restricted movement. He will treat other types of back pain by doing standard chiropractic adjustments, and may advise therapies, such as relaxation therapies.    

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