What To Expect When You Have A DOT Physical

25 May 2019
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If you operate a commercial vehicle, it is very likely that you will need a DOT (department of transportation) physical. The DOT physical is a federal requirement, and if you do not have one, you can lose your commercial license. There are some specific items the doctor will check the results and will determine whether or not you are fit to operate a commercial vehicle or not. Medical History One of the first things the doctor will do is go over your medical history with you. Read More 

Why You Should Go To An Injury Rehab Clinic After A Car Accident

20 March 2019
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Many people are able to walk away from car accidents without any serious injuries. In fact, some people are not injured at all. If you were not so lucky when you were involved in a car accident, it's time to think about going to an injury rehab clinic. It's smart to do this after a car accident for these critical reasons. You May Not Have to Pay For It Yourself Read More 

6 Ways To Boost Your Car Accident Recovery Chiropractic Treatments

24 December 2018
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After a car accident, the goal is to get back to a sense of normalcy as soon as possible. While an overnight recovery is not always possible, there are surely steps that you can take to accelerate the healing effectiveness of your chiropractic treatments. If you or a loved one was involved in an accident, learn what you can do to maximize your treatments now. 1. Eat Well Follow a healthy diet throughout the treatment phase. Read More 

Thinking About Joining A Sports Team? Why You Should See A Sports Medicine Chiropractor

15 August 2018
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Although some people associate joining a sports team with childhood, there are a number of adult sports teams out there that fully grown individuals can become a part of. It's never too late to learn how to play a sport and partake in the many benefits associated with group activity. You might have seen a team out there that you're thinking about joining up with and are ready to go for it. Read More 

3 Ways Chiropractic Can Help With Anxiety

4 June 2018
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Whether you're experiencing anxiety related to stress at work or whether you have a constant battle with anxiety, you've probably noticed that it can affect not just your mind but also your body. In some cases, the tenseness and other changes to your body from anxiety can cause problems and even misalignments. Here's how chiropractic can help with anxiety and the physical symptoms that come with it. 1. Helps your tense muscles relax Read More