Four Ways To Effectively Fight The Holiday Stress

30 November 2016
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Between planning family parties and shopping for the perfect gifts, the holiday season can bring plenty of stress. If you want to truly relax and enjoy the season rather than just feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, then try some of these methods of fighting stress more effectively this year.

See the chiropractor.

If you're like most people, you carry your stress in your back and neck. The muscles in these areas tighten, pulling on your spine, which only makes your mood worse since it places pressure on various nerves. Chiropractic services, like those at Dimond Chiropractic Center, can be the reset you need during the holidays. With your spine back in place, your muscles can relax, and this will allow you to relax more easily. Plus, pressure on nerves that regulate your hormone levels will be released, so your body will be better able to moderate its production of stress-related hormones like cortisol.

Take 30 minutes for yourself every night.

During the holidays, it's normal to focus on doing things for others, often to the detriment of your own needs. Start setting aside just 30 minutes each night during which you only take care of your own needs. You can use this time however is best for you on a particular day. For example, one day you might spend it catching up on a TV show you love, and the next you might spend it getting a manicure. Knowing that you do have time to take care of yourself will help alleviate some of your stress.

Eat healthily when you're not at parties.

Worrying about eating pie and cookies can be a source of stress. And some people even worry about missing out on these goodies! There's a way to reach a simple compromise that won't leave you stressing about weight gain or missing out. Let yourself indulge at family parties and gatherings, but stick to your normal, healthy diet when you're at home between holiday gatherings. That means no Christmas leftovers, but plenty of great food at Christmas dinner itself. It also means no reaching into the holiday cookie tin during the week, but feeling free to indulge at the work gathering.

Don't over-commit.

It's okay to say "no" if you're already too busy with holiday obligations. If you're already feeling stressed and someone asks you to plan or attend something else, just politely turn them down rather than committing with the knowledge that you're taking on too much. A simple "I'd love to, but I simply cannot fit it into my schedule this year." works just fine. Saying "no" sometimes will leave you more time to relax and care for yourself.