Back-Friendly Changes To Make To Your Daily Commute

28 February 2017
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If you add up the amount of time you spend commuting to and from work, you might be shocked at the number you get. While commuting can be irritating because few people enjoy being stuck in traffic, there's often a bigger concern — the health of your back. Sitting in a car for hours over the course of the week may be detrimental to the health of your back, especially if you slouch while you sit. If you're already experiencing commuting-related back pain, a visit to your local chiropractic clinic is in order. If you aren't in pain and want to make sure it doesn't arise, there are a handful of simple changes that you can make to your commute.

Try Public Transit

Many people favor public transit as a commuting method because it can be cheaper than driving your own vehicle and you don't have to contend with the stress of navigating heavy traffic. As far as your back health goes, public transit can be desirable for another reason. Standing is typically better for your health than sitting, provided that you stand with the proper body position. On subway cars, buses, and trains, travelers often have the option of standing. While many people clamor to grab one of the few available seats, standing for the duration of your commute can keep your back in its natural position and reduce your risk of commuting-related discomfort.

Add Some Physical Activity

If driving yourself to and from work is best for your routine, try to find a way to incorporate some physical activity into the endeavor. Sitting for a period of time in your vehicle and then going into your office to sit all day isn't ideal for your back, but there are some solutions. One method is to park farther away from your office than you normally would. This location means that you'll need to walk between your car and the office each day, which can help limber up your stiff back.

Make It More Enjoyable

Upon feeling stressed, many people involuntarily tighten their muscles, and this might result in a sore back. If you're not overly happy with your career, the commute might be highly stressful — and this isn't healthy for your back. Increase the enjoyment of your commute by carpooling with a friend or loading your MP3 player with your favorite music, podcasts, or audio books to enjoy while you're in the car.

For more information or relief, contact a back pain treatment service.