Three Reasons To Visit A Chiropractor After Giving Birth

23 January 2018
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Many women who are pregnant rely on occasional or regular chiropractic sessions to make their pregnancy easier. While you might use this health practitioner to aid you during the nine months that you're carrying your child, you don't need to cease these appointments once you give birth. Even though your life can be busy after you have your child, you should still make it a priority to care for yourself — and that includes continuing to visit your chiropractor. There are many different ways that chiropractors can help new moms — here are three that may appeal to you.

Pelvic Assessment

Your pelvic area goes through significant changes when you're pregnant and should ideally return to its normal position after you have given birth. However, this isn't always the case, and you may notice that your post-baby body isn't exactly the same as it was before you became pregnant. Pelvic problems, even if they're subtle, can be problematic for a number of reasons. Because it's centrally located in your body, the pelvic region has an impact on your upper and lower body — and this means that if your pelvis is misaligned after giving birth, you may experience things such as back pain and pinched nerves. Your chiropractor can assess and treat this important area.

Sleep Quality

New moms often have their sleep interrupted by having to get up to tend to their babies several times throughout the night, and this makes the hours that you aren't being interrupted even more important. However, if you have issues that are affecting the quality of your sleep, you may be constantly fatigued because you're not sleeping when you're able. Several post-pregnancy issues can disrupt your sleep quality, including back pain postpartum headaches. Your chiropractor will look for the likely causes of these issues and adjust your body accordingly to help.

Mental Health Care

While your chiropractor isn't a mental health professional, he or she is a doctor who wants the best for each patient. The days, weeks, and months after having a child can be mentally exhausting, and you can count on your chiropractor checking in with you to see how you're doing. Chiropractors will commonly offer lifestyle suggestions that can help to minimize stress for all of their patients, but this is arguably even more important for women in the postpartum phase of their lives. If you've recently had your child, consult a local chiropractic clinic to set up an appointment.