Four Ways To Effectively Fight The Holiday Stress

30 November 2016
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Between planning family parties and shopping for the perfect gifts, the holiday season can bring plenty of stress. If you want to truly relax and enjoy the season rather than just feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, then try some of these methods of fighting stress more effectively this year. See the chiropractor. If you're like most people, you carry your stress in your back and neck. The muscles in these areas tighten, pulling on your spine, which only makes your mood worse since it places pressure on various nerves. Read More 

How A Chiropractor Can Help You With TMJ

29 November 2016
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Living with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can be painful and uncomfortable. It can make it hard to chew things, speak, open your mouth, and more. It can also lead to a lot of pain in your face, head, and neck. If you are tired of dealing with this pain, you might be able to find some relief by visiting a chiropractor. Here are a couple things to understand about chiropractic treatment for TMJ. Read More 

How Nutrition Can Play a Role in Your Headaches

14 November 2016
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A lot of people suffer from chronic tension headaches, and visiting a chiropractor regularly might be a good solution to this problem. A chiropractor offers spinal manipulation, which is very useful for relieving the pressure in areas of your neck that can lead to headaches, but a chiropractor can also help in several other ways. Here are several other ways a chiropractor might be able to help you naturally relieve the pain you experience from chronic headaches. Read More 

4 Drug-Free Options for Dealing with Allergies

18 April 2016
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An over-the-counter allergy tablet may keep you from dripping, coughing, or sneezing your way through that important meeting or social event, but everyday reliance on allergy medications can be problematic for many people—especially when the side effects of various allergy drugs can include everything from grogginess and oral yeast infections to nosebleeds and cataracts. If you'd like to get your allergies under control without surrendering control to your medicine cabinet, take a look at these four drug-free alternatives. Read More