Don’t Derail Your Resolution to Get Strong - How to Safely Start Strength Training

23 December 2017
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Strength training is an excellent form of exercise; your stronger muscles help protect your joints and bones and make it easier for chiropractic treatments to work. Of course, if you overdo it, you could hurt yourself. If you are new to strength training or are coming back to it years after your last attempt, don't jump in full speed; follow some easy steps to safely get into the world of strength training. Read More 

The Benefits And Risks Of Testosterone Replacement Services

29 November 2017
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Low testosterone levels in men can have various deleterious effects such as loss of muscle tone and strength, depression, and lowering of libido.  Testosterone levels normally drop gradually over time as men approach middle and old age. However, if levels drop precipitously, negative physical and psychological effects can result. This can occur if normal levels in an individual are naturally low, or if an accident or illness causes a decrease in production. Read More 

3 Tips For Coping With Ongoing Back Pain

30 October 2017
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Having occasional back pain is one thing, but dealing with chronic, ongoing back pain is a much more serious problem. Ongoing back pain affects your quality of life, ability to get a good night's sleep, and even your ability to exercise or play with your kids. Luckily, there are things you can do to treat and alleviate your chronic back pain instead of just living with it. Here are a few things to try: Read More 

Reasons To Feel Confident About Arranging Chiropractic Care For Your Child

4 October 2017
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If your child's pediatrician has recommended that you take your child to the chiropractor for treatment, you might initially have a few reservations about your child receiving this type of care. Fortunately, you can breathe easy — many chiropractors are highly specialized in treating children, and it's highly likely that this healthcare practitioner will be able to help your child. Whether your child is dealing with back pain or something related to his or her nervous system, chiropractic services can often be the answer. Read More 

Three Steps For Dealing With Tension Headaches At Work

4 April 2017
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If you tend to deal with tension headaches, it is a good idea to go through with treatment from your doctor and chiropractor to lessen the occurrence. When you are first working on your tension headache issue, you may still have headaches that come on, especially while you are at work. Since stress is one of the major factors that can bring on a tension headache, you may find yourself needing to manage these while at work for a little while. Read More